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American English:

serie (de luces) = Christmas lights / string lights / string of lights
trineo = sled / sleigh
envoltura de regalo = gift wrap / wrapping paper
cascabeles = jingle bells / sleigh bells

los Reyes Magos = the Wise Men / the (three) Wise Men (of/from the East) / the (Three) Kings (from the Orient) / the Magi :
their number is uncertain, but set at three because three gifts were mentioned by Matthew :
there are various names given to them, but Caspar (Gaspar, Jaspar), Melchior, and Balthasar are the most popular; these have been used since the 8th century (derived from an Alexandrian text dated two centuries earlier)

Please provide a picture of escarcha. Is it the same as guirnalda? Tinsel can mean a garland (a chain made out of bright, shiny plastic strands) or the thin shiny plastic strands that hang over the branches of a Christmas tree to make it look like it has icicles hanging from the branches (this kind of tinsel is also called icicles). Could cinta brillante be used for tinsel / guirnalda?

(corona has an inadvertent / behind it)

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