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Welcome to the forums!

I moved your homework to the 'Practice & Homework' forum. In this forum, members will offer help, but will not just give you the answers.

Below, I've marked the things that need to be fixed (ignoring the names) and gave hints as to what is wrong.

There's an 'Accents' drop-down menu just above where you typed your text. Use it to insert all the special characters you'll need to type in Spanish.

Originally Posted by espongefry View Post
Just typed up a script for a little skit in my Spanish class. Would love it if someone could revise it for grammar. ---Don't mind the names (Juan Jones Hijo/ Papá Juan Jones).

Hijo- Hola, Papá Juan Jones¿es posible que pueda (too verbose - just say 'Can I') ir al concierto de LMFAO este (watch agreement) noche?

Papá- Sí, ¿por que no? Vale la pena que tengas un buen tiempo (use another phrase - this isn't good Spanish) Juan Jones Hijo.

Hijo- Espera, espera, espera. ¿qué dijiste?

Papá- (missing interrogation opening mark)Que (wrong word, and make sure the correct one is properly accented, since it's an interrogative) es la (watch agreement) problema?

Hijo- Estoy un poco preocupado. Tu (not needed, since the verb ending conveys the person - if used for emphasis, it needs an accent mark) nunca dices (missing a conjunction) 'sí' a cosas. (first word doesn't need enclosed in single quotes - omit the other two) ¡NUNCA! Dudo que estes deciendo la verdad.

Papá- Pues, estoy seguro (missing a preposition) que estes (wrong mood, and missing an accent mark) suficientemente maduro y (missing a conjunction) puedes ir solo al concierto. Mereces esto, Juan Jones Hijo.

Hijo- Ok, no voy a discutir contigo. Voy a confiar en ti. Ojalá que no estes bromeando.

Papá- Ojalá que tu (not needed, since the verb ending conveys the person - if used for emphasis, it needs an accent mark) no me decepciones.

Hijo- ¡Te amo Papá Juan Jones!

Papá- ¡Te amo, Juan Jones Hijo!

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