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Originally Posted by Varauk View Post
Cómo ir del aeropuerto de Las Vegas: (How to go to the Las Vegas Airport

Primero, haga el norte por Taylor Avenue para Sahara Road. (First, go north on Taylor Avenue to Sahara Road.) ('do/make the north' isn't Spanish - try using 'ir' or 'dirigirse')

Entonces, gire a la derecha para Little Bard Lane. (Then, go right on Little Bard Lane.)

Después gire a la izquierda para acceder ('the interstate' goes here) Nevada ochenta y cinco sur. (Next, go left in order to Nevada 85 South.) (use 'entrar' instead of 'acceder') (write the name of an interstate just like you would a numbered street)

Luego, tome la salida de Nevada ochenta y siete norte para el centro de Las Vegas. (Then take the Nevada 85 North exit to downtown Las Vegas.)

A continuación, gire la derecha en la salida de Skyport Drive. (Then, turn right onto the Skyport Drive exit.) (here's a case where I would use 'por')

Siga los letreros para el aeropuerto. (Follow the signs for the airport.)

Entonces, vaya a la izquierda por Skyport Drive. (Then go left onto Skyport Drive).

Siga (todo) recto hasta llegar a la calle del Airport Boulevard. (Go straight until you reach Airport Boulevard.)

Por fin, gire a la izquierda para Terminal Drive. (Lastly, turn left to get to Terminal Drive.)

Continúe al aeropuerto. Por ultimo, ¡ha llegado! (Continue to the airport. Finally, you have arrived!)
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I can't think of a time when 'por' and 'para' could be used as you have used them while giving directions. I highlighted the English preposition that should be used in your sentences instead of what you used. 'Por' can be used to mean 'down' (via) or 'through' (crossing). Siga por esta calle. (Go down this street.) 'Para' can be used to mean 'to get to' if you also use 'llegar' (arrive) or 'entrar' (enter). Do you have a textbook that is encouraging the use of 'por' and 'para' the way you have?

'Doblar' is another verb you can use so that you don't have to repeat 'girar' so often.
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