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As with any course, you'll be taught what the designer of the course wants you to learn. You don't need to be overly concerned. I recommend, though, that you check the vocabulary given in the course against a good dictionary that points out regional differences in vocabulary. If the course offers up a word used only in Spain, just learn the alternative(s) alongside.

In Peninsular Spanish, the 2nd-person plural (vosotros) is used. If it's evident that this is used regularly in your course, just substitute the 3rd-person plural (ustedes) instead. That's what they use in Latin America.

If you have access to Latin American Spanish speakers, they will be your best 'sounding board'. If they steer you another way, adjust.

Latin America is a very big place. Each of the countries that has Spanish as the primary language has its own flavor of Spanish. You're probably already aware that you'll need to make some adjustments and concessions. At least the grammar stays pretty consistent!
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