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¿Puedes barrer por favor? Can you sweep please?
¿Puedes barrer? Can you sweep?
¿Barres? sweeps you? <-- I can't find a better one
!Barre! sweep!

the first one is a request/petition, the last one an order.
¿Barres? is still a petition, but not so polite.
It's always better with puedes + por favor.

"¿Barres?" es igual que "¿Puedes barrer?" verdad
No. The meaning it's the same, but "¿Puedes barrer?" it's more polite. ¿Barres? sounds more like an order.

¿Se puede también decir "Por favor corrijes/corrijen mis errores" en lugar de "Por favor corrije/corrijan todos mis errores?"

"Por favor corrijes/corrijen mis errores" both are NOK.
"Por favor corrijes mis errores" Reason: uses TU (2nd person singular). You are speaking to a forum, so you must be polite and use USTED
"Por favor corrijen mis errores" Please (they!!) correct my mistakes. NOK

"Por favor corrije mis errores" It's polite imperative OK, but not the better option
"Por favor corrijan todos mis errores" You're speaking polite (and plural, to all the forum). The one you should use.

I hope it helps
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