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Originally Posted by AngelicaDeAlquezar View Post
I have never heard "estar pelado" in Mexico for not having money, but it would be understood in context. If it's used here, it might be related to the fact that colloquially, money is called "lana" (wool).

"Estar limpio" and "estar rechinando de limpio" are quite common.

You may also find:
- No traer/tener ni (un) quinto. ("Quinto" was the name of old 5 cent coins that haven't been in use for decades, but the expression is still used.)
- No traer/tener ni un clavo.
- No traer/tener ni un varo. ("Varo" is slang for "peso"/"money")
- (Probably only used by elder people) Estar/andar bruja. (To be poor)
- No llegar a fin de mes./No llegar a la quincena. (When you run out of money before the next paycheck at the end of the month or the fortnight.)
- Quedarse sin un centavo/peso. (When you've spent all your money for whatever reason.)
- (More dramatic) No tener ni para comer.
Gracias, Angelica.

El ejemplo "estoy pelado" es from "Spanishdict." It's helpful but can't be trusted as anyone can post an answer there.

Gracias por los ejemplos.
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