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For me from the west coast:
Originally Posted by Elaina View Post
In the South - Can you lend/loan me your book?
In the Midwest - Can you borrow me your book?
Can I borrow your book?

In the South - drinking water fountain
In the Midwest - water bubbler
drinking fountain

So I'm thinking maybe, just some parts of the US you say, Will you go with me? and in some other parts you say, Will you come with me?

Language can be very confusing but interesting at the same time!!
Originally Posted by Alfonso View Post
I think the regional variations you wrote about are really interesting, Elaina.
Anyway, the only point I wanted to remark is the nuance of companionship that can be conveyed with the verb venir.
I know the thread grew up too much for this simple concept. But it was worth it.
I don't have a native speaker to ask at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that in Mexico, it's much more common to say Voy ..., ¿vas conmigo? than to say Voy ..., ¿vienes conmigo? I'm going to make a mental note to ask for a few more opinions.
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