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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
The two in green are used all the time, and mean exactly the same thing. These are the two ways to write/speak the imperfective subjunctive. The one in violet is the future subjunctive. You'll find it in written form, but you won't hear it much in a normal conversation.
And what I have been saying is that I have encountered many people from Latin American countries stating stuff in violet color. (still)

I guess nobody informed them. :-)

My only guess is that they come from villages and old towns where even some written form of Castelian is still preserved, as they haven't had the "opportunity to advance" much in that aspect. :-)

Written form examples would be:

In chile and most "modern" hispanic world, although I do not know about Spain, the female name spelled here in the US, as seen in California, Ynez, it is spelled Ines.

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