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Thank you so much for replying my post, I really appreciate it!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question #40 and #41 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am very sorry if I am not able to get your hint that you gave me.

-- ¿Te debo veinte dólares este semestre?
(I owe you 20 dollars this semester?)

-- S*, s*. ¿Me los puedes pagar hoy?
(Yes, yes. Are you able to pay those back to me today?)

"Me" is representing the person who is talking in the second sentence

On the second pronoun, I am sorry for not really getting your hint you gave me here
I used ¨los¨ because it is a direct object pronoun for ¨dólares¨, and ¨dolares¨ is the plural form for the masculine noun ¨dólar¨.

I think I got the ¨te¨ in this question correct, right?

And I am guessing I should use ¨lo¨ instead of ¨le¨
because ¨lo¨ is representing ¨pastel¨, and it also because it is a direct object pronoun

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