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Some comments below:

Originally Posted by jellybabe View Post
Hola a todos, ¿me podéis ayudar?

¿Si una frase requerir (this verb needs to be conjugated) el subunctivo (Please check your spelling. There is no "c" in this word) para el primer verbo, todos los otros verbos en la misma frase tienen que ser en el subjunctivo (spelling)?
--No, they don't.

Por ejemplo
"Cuando llegemos (Check spelling. If you write "ge", the sound of the consonant is different than when you write "gue") al cole, te (ponga o pongo) la chaqueta."
"When we get to school, I'll put your jacket on you"

"Recúerdame que compre leche" "Don't let me forget to buy milk"
"Recúerdame que vaya al médico mañana" "Don't let me forget to go to the doctor's tomorrow)
"¿En España, dejan a los hombres estar con las mujeres cuando dan la luz (Please check your expression. "Dar la luz" has a very different meaning from "dar a luz")?"
"In Spain do they let the men be with the women when they are in labour?"What is your question in these sentences?

"En Inglaterra dejan los (There is a preposition missing between these words) hombres estar con las mujeres durante todo del proceso de dar la luz (Check previous note), durante el labor (Gender agreement) y el parto tambien (Spelling), incluso si una mujer tiene una cesarea (Spelling), dejan el (Check the uses of "personal a" here) hombre estar con ella en la sala de operaciones."
"In England they let men be with the women during the whole process of giving birth, during the labour and when the baby is born, even if a women has to have a cesarean, they let the man be with her in the operating room."

"Si en realidad los profesores dejan a los niños ir a la reunion (spelling) no deber¡an (Spelling) poner en la hoja que los niños no son permitidos ir (This is a calque from English. Please try rewording. You can use an impersonal form with "se")."
"If in reality the teachers let the children go to the meeting, they shouldn't put in the letter that the children aren't allowed to go"


Edit: Julvenzor posted a reply before I did, but a few more comments won't harm.
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