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Originally Posted by irmamar View Post
Kumusta 'ka, benjostoked?
Originally Posted by benjostoked View Post
hello vira32 and irmamar

i'm kinda new here. Still practicing and learning spanish. I guess I can answer some of your questions with more precise answers since i'm a home grown Filipino and spent my life livin there but currently, i'm also workin overseas..

I hope I can share some thoughts with you guys..
@irmamar, I'm glad to see that you're using Tagalog.
@benjostoked, I'll be glad to read about what you think. Nagsimula ka bang mag-aral ng Espanyol habang nasa Pilipinas ka pa (Did you start learning Spanish while you were still in the Philippines)?

Paalam na muna sa ngayon(goodbye for now). If translated word for word: goodbye, in the meantime, for now.
To love, live and learn.

All corrections are appreciated.
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