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Originally Posted by JPablo View Post
Yes, "paja = hay, straw"
Erm, actually, hay and straw are not quite the same thing. "Paja" is straw, not hay. "Heno" is hay.

"Straw" is the stalks of cereal plants from which grain and chaff have been removed. It has a variety of uses, especially livestock bedding and fodder, fuel, thatching and basketmaking.

"Hay" is any combination of grasses, legumes or other herbaceous plants that has been cut, dried and stored for use as animal fodder.

(Sayeth the man who spent many a summer afternoon during his teens helping put up thousands of bales of hay, only to pull them out from the barns during the winter to feed the cows and horses. We weren't commercial farmers, but after six summers of putting up 3000+ bales each summer I will NEVER think of "hayrides" as "fun".)
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