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Originally Posted by Sandra View Post
The list of questions was corrected by my teacher (then I suppose that they don't contain any errors), my teacher told us to make an interview and then to find some native english speaker ready to answer our questions, to make later then make a report speech(what is a report speech? do you just mean speech?), but If nobody can help me I will need to answer the questions by myself and find someone that can correct them.

Note: What do you mean when you say "a report speech"?

Maybe it is too much to ask, I will invent the questions, and hope that some native speaker helps me to correct the answers.
But the answers must be 100% correct as if a native english speakers answered them Can anyone correct me the answers, please ?? thanks !!

- Where are you from ?
Iím from Virginia, America
Better - "I am from Tampa, Florida of the United States of America." In the US, we usually say City, State. If needs be, we add the country.
- Do you love to travel ?
Yes, I really enjoy traveling a lot, especially with my friends or my family. Itís interesting to visit new countries and make new friends from all over the world.
- Which countries have you visited until now ?
Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France and Australia
- Which ones were your favourite countries ?
Mexico,. iItís really an really amazing country., impressed me.
- Did you experienced any problems with culture shock in any country ? If you experienced any trouble, what was it?
Not at all, we enjoyed our time in each travel country.
- What are the activities that you usually do when you travel ? (visit museum, parks, beach, tour guide in the city, etc..)
When I travel, I really like to visit museums and visit the othermost interesting places, I like to tooktake photos of the most beautiful gardens or buildings., I especially liked the beaches of Puerto Rico, where the water was incredibly clear crystalline.
- What do you prefer, cold or warm weather ?
Hot weather without any doubt, I like to enjoy a a sunshinesunny day.
- Do you like the beach and sunbathing or maybe you prefer a cold weather, making a picnic and visiting rural places ?
I like both, specially if the beach is like the ones that you can find in Puerto Rico.
- How many languages do you speak ?
English and Iím learning Spanish
- Do you like learning other languages ?
Yes, but itís quite hard and you must read a lot and be very tenacious
- Do you travel alone or you like to traveling with a companion ?
I love to travel with my friends, I will not enjoy a trip as much if I travel alone.
- Do you live in your home town or you are living in another country ?
At the moment, Iím living in Spain, Iím planing to remain here for some years.
- How much time did you need to adapt to the customs of the new country where you are living ?
Didnít suppose me a big change, the main problem was to learn a new language.
- Did you find it easy to meet new friends in other countries ?
Yes, people is usually very kind and friendly, I did not have any problem. Iím also very sociable and cheerful.
- Which was the most impactant dish that you have eaten ? Do you remember the name of the dish ? Can you tell me more or less how it was made ?
I remember that I tasted a really disgusting dish called ďcallosĒ, was made of beef tripes and cowís nose. The dish was tasty anyway.
- What do you think of this country ?
It has a wonderful new culture to get to grips with, tasty food, the Spanish love of outdoor life, Spanish film, fine wine, fine ham and friendly people.
- Do you like the weather in Spain ?
Yes, itís hot and very agreable at summer and not very cold in winter
- Is there any dish that you find really tasty here ?
Yes, I really enjoy spanish food, I specially like Pisto, Torrijas and Gazpacho among others.
- Was it easy for you to make friends here ?
Yes, I have made a lot of driends, and now my skills in spanish are better.
I made some corrections above. Items in red and crossed out are for removal. Items in green I added. The green doesn't show up too well, so look closely for those items. Items in purple/violet are notes. I ran out of time making the corrections to yours, but I will come back later and answer your questions as myself. That should be faster, but I still wanted to help you with your English.
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