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So if you want to say "Let's set sail" it would be "¡Zarpemos!" ¿No?

Could the same be applied, say, in a non-travel situation? For example, in English, I would say to my class, "Let's get underway" or something to that effect. Could I use "zarpar" in that situation?

How about this? Conduciremos al Nueva York esta mañana. ¡Zarpemos!>>>

Let's sail! ¡Zarpemos!
Let´s get underway (Classroom) !Empecemos!, ¡manos a la obra!
Conduciremos a Nueva York mañana ( you cannot use esta mñana because the timing is future not now) ¡Vámonos! ¡Arranquemos!¡Partamos!

Zarpar is related with sea journey.