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First off, let's call the verb with a reflexive pronoun a pronominal verb. All reflexive verbs are pronominal verbs, but not all pronominal verbs are reflexive.

A pronominal verb almost always means something different than a verb without the reflexive pronoun.

Pronominal verbs use a reflexive pronoun, but this can be a misnomer because it doesn't always mean that the action is reflected back on the subject.

volver = return
volverse = become

regresar = return
regresarse = return, but usually with the idea of giving something back (only used in Latin America)

When used as an infinitive, the reflexive pronoun is suffixed.
Originally Posted by BobRitter View Post
I return to Peru every year.
Vuelvo a Peru cada año.
Me vuelo a Peru cada año.
Regreso a ........
Me regreso a ........ (but may be understood)

I have to return home immediately.
Tengo que volver/regresar a (mi) casa enseguida.
Tengo que me volverme/regresarme a mi casa enseguida.

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