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Originally Posted by aleCcowaN View Post
"Los despojos pertenecen al vencedor" -or more informally "el ganador se queda con el botín"- points to one of the outcomes of open confrontation. The idiom "a río revuelto, ganancia de pescadores" points that whether a civil war or a family feud, those who benefit are not those who strive the most but they are probably outsiders holding a comfortable position.

This is a general Spanish idiom. It's in many books available through Google books, including "Colección de refranes, adagios y locuciones proverbiales" by Antonio Jiménez, 1828, Spain. It's available as a free E-book.
Like petty thieves that pickpocket in any kind of convoluted situation, like a street fight and prey on innocent onlookers.
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