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I agree with you. A war is a game where no one wins. (Maybe the hidden instigators behind the massacre make millions... actually without 'maybe') So, yes, that is definitely pitiful. And unfortunately "we" are still using the old policy of "panem et circenses" be the "circenses", soccer, or other "games". Everything has a positive side and an aberrated one. An ideal game would be one where everybody would win. Unfortunately that is not what happens. (Even in the 11 hours 5 minutes tennis game between Isner and Mahut, Mahut ended up losing the last set 70-68!!!) Well, at least he won the recognition of playing the longest game in history...
Got it on the "Spitfire"... "We" are still believing the old adage "si vis pacem, para bellum"... while it should simply be "si vis pacem, para pacem" (I hope my Latin grammar is not way off)
Lo propio de la verdad es que se basta a sí misma, aquel que la posee no intenta convencer a nadie.
"An enemy is somebody who flatters you. A friend is somebody who criticizes the living daylights out of you."
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