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Buenos días

My first post on this forum. Looking forward to getting to know the community.

I will be moving to Mexico in about nine months time - very exciting! I already have a good level of Spanish as I lived previously in Panama for three years, hence the username. But I'm pretty rusty and never got that level of fluency I was hoping for during my time there.

To help me get back up to speed, I want to start listening to some podcasts in Spanish on my iPhone. Ideally these would be interesting in their own right, not just about learning Spanish. And even better would be Mexican podcasts in Mexican accents using Mexican slang. Though I would find it difficult, I think it would really help me get into the rhythm. Can anyone recommend any or explain how I might find interesting shows? When I search I only really find Spanish teaching or things about Mexico in English.

Thanks in advance. And of course happy to answer any questions anyone might have about Central America!

El Panameño