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Hi, Kilojay!

In my case, I learned Spanish from my mom and dad, my sisters and friends...

When I started learning English I was already 20 years old, and "necessity" made me learn. I am still in the process of acquainting myself with it, but I can read and write rather decently. (After 30 years plus of practicing and learning).

Interestingly enough, it took me just a couple of years to be able to handle the basic communication.

Like in everything, as my mother used to say, "Los primeros 100 años son los peores", ie., "the first hundred years are the worse ones". Then you get the hang of it.

What is a mere century, after all?

All kidding aside, for me, after studying French for 7 years or so, I had "given up" the possibility of learning English. But at the "tender" age of 20 I "had to" learn it.

Well, I am still making blunders here and there. But I feel like I have succeeded for the most part.

Welcome to the forums, by the way.

"See" you around!
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