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Originally Posted by ROBINDESBOIS View Post
Im confused about these to words, because I found different theories on the internet and grammar books. Some grammarians say they are interchangeable. However on the internet, I ve found they are not. Due to modifies nouns and because of modifies whole sentences or verbs. Others say use due to after the verb be etc... etc...
Any clear rules about it?
Because of is much more used, and with good reason: it's is more flexible. For instance, you can say, because of you, I am no longer alone. Rarely would you hear due to you, I am no longer alone. Strangely enough you can say I'm no longer alone due to you That's why your theory about due to modifying only nouns is a bit faulty. Because of can always replace due to, but due to cannot always replace because of in normal English speech patterns even though the meaning of the two phrases are the same.

This is a good observation. I never thought about this before.
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