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Que más de que

Hi everyone

Could someone please explain to me what "que más de que" means in the following paragraph?

Hasta la semana pasada apenas era conocido en el circuito, hoy es uno de los hombres que más de que hablar, pero no por lo que hace adentro de la cancha.

Google gives the following translation:

Until last week he was barely known on the circuit, today he's one of the men more than talking, but not for what he does inside the court.

However, I'm guessing "que más de que hablar" would mean something like "the most talked about".

How would I use that phrase in other contexts?

Would the following sentence be correct?

El dinero es la cosa que más de que preocuparse?

Money is the thing that causes people the most worry (Money is the most worried about thing).

I'm guessing "que más de que" is only used with verbs that take the preposition "de". Is this right?

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