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Hello gatitoverde

Maybe it's useful to know that subjunctive is not used in simple sentences, but in compound sentences. Look at the examples Tomísimo gave, the first are two independent sentences, the second is a compound sentence, where the one which uses the subjunctive is a clause which depends on the first one. Look at the things which are required:

(The following sentences can be said alone and they have their own meaning, they are not depending one from the other)

Éste es un lugar (this sentence has its own meaning, it doesn't depend on anything)
(donde) yo puedo hacer x (another independent sentence, with its own meaning)

(The following ones are interdependent, one needs the other to get the meaning)

Busco un lugar... (don't you think that something is missing here?, this is the principal clause)
(donde) yo pueda hacer x (another sentence without meaning by itself, it depends on the first one and here subjunctive is used)

It's a bit difficult for me to explain these things in English, I hope you'll understand.

Sorry, now I've realized that this thread was old. I must beg your pardon.

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