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Actually, you're dealing with the "impersonal 'se' " in this case. This is used when no one in particular is being addressed. It's the equivalent of "Where can one buy fresh fish?"
In colloquial English, we can substitute 'you' for the impersonal 'one' and get "Where can you buy fresh fish?"

The second translation, where 'you' is listed as the subject pronoun, is an example of the colloquial substitute for the impersonal pronoun 'one'. And the 'you' is the second-person familiar form (as conveyed by the verb's -es ending).

You/One can also use the second-person formal form of the verb (with the -e ending).

These sentences all mean the same thing:

Where can one buy fresh fish?
¿Dónde se puede comprar pescado fresco?

Where can you buy fresh fish?
¿Dónde puede comprar pescado fresco?
¿Dónde puedes comprar pescado fresco?
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