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The most significant difference between the verbs 'like' and 'gustar' is that the person is the subject of the verb 'like' and the thing being liked is the object; whereas with 'gustar' the reverse applies - the person is the object of the verb and the thing is the subject.

For example "I (subject) like bananas (object)" whilst the Spanish translation would be - "Me (object) gustan los platanos (subject)".

I'm sure there are many beginners who refer to Tomísimo and are perhaps unsure of how 'gustar' works, and I am offering this in the hope it is of assistance.

I know the correct use of 'gustar' took a long time to penetrate my thick skull, and I expect many others find it difficult too!
Me ayudaríais si me hicierais el favor de corregir mis errores.

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