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Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
So, the other day, a Peruvian friend says to me: "Si gustas, podemos comer ......" I knew what she meant ... but was surprised by the grammar construction. When I asked her about it, she really couldn't explain the "why", she could only just tell me what she meant. This is the first time that I'm aware of that I have heard a native speaker conjugate "gustar" in other than the third person. Huh????
Good question - I'd be interested myself. On a similar note, I've just found this in my dictionary under gustar:

2 gustar de algo to like something; es muy serio, no gusta de bromas he is very serious, he doesn't like jokes; no gusta de alabanzas she doesn't like to be praised, she doesn't like o enjoy being praised;

Now this gusta is also 3rd singular, but in the above, could it be adapted to eres muy serio, no gustas de bromas ??? (or is there a le missing)

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