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USB Keyboard not recognizing commands

Hi there!

I recently hooked up my laptop to my television for a bigger screen, and sit on my sofa with my usb keyboard and wireless mouse and just use my computer that way.

The problem is that even though I have my keyboard settings in Windows 7 to US International so that I can use Spanish characters using different command keys, it is not working with this USB keyboard.

Is there a trick to getting my usb keyboard to recognize things like

Ctrl + ' + o

or does it have to be a special usb keyboard?

The reason I suspect there is something I can do to make this keyboard obey spanish-character commands is that on my built-in laptop keyboard, once I switched to US International mode, I always had to type ' or " twice in order to get apostrophes or quotation marks, and then backspace one space because there were always two of them. The same thing still happens on this USB keyboard.... so why wouldn't other commands like the one above (for accent over the letter "o") work?