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Hi! Welcome to the forums!

We are a community of Spanish learners, so don't usually provide translations outright. We would much rather have you provide us with your own translations, and then we can help you get them right.

Better than just asking us for a translation (which we usually steer away from), try asking grandpa himself how to say things. He would really like to teach you how to say things in his language. A word here, a word there, then a verb and some "little words" (and tons of patience) will get you communicating.

I have simplified the sentences you wrote somewhat. Complex sentences won't be expected by grandpa and, quite frankly, won't be very useful to you, either. Start with basic material.

Plug the translations into a machine translator so you can pronounce the words. Grandpa might say things you don't understand, so take that opportunity to start to learn.

Do you want to play checkers?
¿Quiere jugar a las damas?

Your turn.
Le toca.

Do you want to go eat something/a burrito (with me)? I'm buying.
¿Quiere ir a comer algo/un burrito (conmigo)? Lo pago yo.

Don't hit/kick the dog!
¡No golpee/patee al perro! -or- ¡Deje de golpear/patear al perro!

Are you hungry?
¿Tiene hambre?

All sentences assume you will be addressing one individual, using a respectful register.

Have fun learning!!

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