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Hello. Many thanks for your answer.
I wanted to basically say that I am not happy/conform with the standards of the hospital.
The hospital allows a woman to work for them who is responsible for a split up
of a doctor from his family and the children are left behind with no father. I can not support this as it does not goes along with my beliefs. So I want to say I will mit longer attend this hospital.
Dear all,

I would like to epress my admiration for this clinic. Me and my family have always felt very much cared for in a very professional way. However I am deeply disappointed about the change of standards. Family and our children is one of the most important parts of our society.

Now with the deepest regret I was informed that these standards are not kept by your hospital.

I really can not understand how the your clinic can allow a woman to work for you, who took a family apart, who took the children their father? And now even worse is working for you.

I really had the highest opinion of Dr and his skills. Unfortunately this does not go along with my standards and understanding of responsibility for a family and children. I can and will not longer attend your clinic or recommend it.

Many thanks for your help!

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