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Question Royal Air Force Spitfire

I found this "spitfire" (the British outstanding fighter plane that was able to outmaneuver most German Luftwaffe fighters), "not translated" into Spanish in a cursory search through the net.

Does anyone know if this name has been translated into Spanish before? Is there a "standard" translation, short of "el caza 'spitfire' británico"?

Thank you in advance.

(And just thinking about the imminent soccer collision between England and Germany tomorrow... I hope the Britons get their 'spitfires' aligned... Although I have German friends and British friends, I am more for the Anglo-Saxon tribes... after all, these are Germanic as well, right?) (N.B. even if my comment seems "off-the-subject", it brings up the factor or the broader question on a metaphoric and broader usage of 'spitfire'...) So any comments on that, will be appreciated too.
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