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Originally Posted by luis magistrado View Post
I don't think agujero is the best word for a hole in the ground.
I would use hueco, zanja, foso, hoyo.
Others may correct me, but I'm almost sure that an agujero is a pinhole.
Cavo is first person singular indicative. "Cave" should be used because from what I understand it is the subjunctive mood of cavar. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm still learning Spanish grammar, and the subjunctive mood confuses me.
'Agujero' and 'hoyo' are interchangeable words for a hole in the ground. A pinhole is 'agujerito' (diminutive used to describe the tiny hole, as if it were made by a pin).
Using the present indicative 'cavo' is correct. Since the action is in the present, it's a likely (possible) situation, so the subjunctive isn't used.
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