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I'm not sure that rule is valid: I've never seen "Santo Torcuato" or "Santo Daniel", but "San Torcuato" or "San Daniel".


According to the Diccionario Panhispánico de dudas, "santo", as a title, goes before Domingo, Tomás, Tomé and Toribio. In all other cases, it shall be "san".

And there is a little note too on the capital letter:
"Santo" or "santa" are not written with a capital letter, except when they're abbreviations like "san Luis" -> "S. Luis".
The exception is made when the title is traditionally associated to a proper name, like in "San Juan" (for San Juan de la Cruz) or "Santa Teresa" (for Santa Teresa de Jesús).
They're also written with a capital letter when the're names of places, streets, institutions, buildings, proper names, etc., like in "plaza de Santa Bárbara", "Hermandad de San Roque", "Hospital de San Rafael", "Pedro San Martín".
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