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Originally Posted by cb4 View Post
What are accusative pronouns?

The ones you used: me/te/lo/la/nos/os/los/las.

Remember: accusative pronouns are equal to dative pronouns, with the exception of lo/la/los/las, which are replaced by "le/les" for the dative case.

Accusatives [for DO, direct objects]:

(Yo) te amo = I love you
(Él) lo mató = He kills him

*Extra*: (Vosotros) sois idiotas = You all are idiot [vosotros form is only used in Spain]

Datives [for ID, indirect objects]:

(Yo) le [OI] doy un regalo [OD] (a ella) = I give a gift [DO] to her [IO]
(Nosotros) les lavamos la cara (a ellos) = We wash their faces.

Note: "We wash their faces" means, literally: (nosotros) lavamos sus caras; but, again, in Spanish we don't say it in this way; it's not incorrect, though...

The order is the same, but in Spanish we usually reduplicate the OI pronoun (dative). For example, the "le" allows to omit "a ella" (to her) and "les", to omit "a ellos" (to them).

In other words: le = to him, to her, to it; les = to them

Better now?
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