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Originally Posted by poli View Post
I call this pfeffernussen(I'm not sure if I spelled this correctly) I suppose it's the German equivalent. Usually they are covered with confectioner's sugar. They are frequently stale and inedible unless you are very hungry.There's something similar called stollen which I never ate fresh either.
Hola poli

Muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda y todas las correcciones!! Very sweet of you, for sure Sinterklaas will be giving you good presents this year

It seems I have made some unnecessarily complex constructions with verbs.. And also it's the eternal confusion with ser and estar por supuesto..

As for 'Pfeffernüsse' (I think they are called) well they are quite nice but indeed need to be fresh, like all good things in life. In Holland they sell lots of varieties including chocolate coated ones (hmmmmmm :-))) and ones with truffle (chocolate truffel not the mushroom kind obviously ) and caramelcoated ones as well... I assure you they are good... :-)))

As for Weihnachtsstoll I think you mean (we call them kerststol in Dutch) , they are usually served with christmas but yes also eaten this time of year. It's a specific kind of bread heavily filled with raisins, almond /marsipan mix and many times also nuts (like wallnuts) and rum (the expensive ones anyway) and coated with powder sugar.. They are very rich and very good imho...

In Holland around Christmas another very popular treat is the 'tulband' i.e. turban, a cake in the shape of a turban with nuts in it and powdered sugar on top.. Also quite delicious imho

Just one more question I have, I hope you don't mind? :-)

Durante estas 3 semanas que Sinterklaas y sus zwarte pieten están en el país, los niños pueden ponerse una zapato delante la chimenea (con un zanahoria adentro por su caballo..) y cantan por él, cuando está montado a su caballo sobre los techos..
What is the difference between 'tejado' and 'techo' in terms of 'roof'?

Sí los niños tienen buen comportamiento / se comportan bien, reciben dulces,( sino los traen en España por una pena apropriada)....
Sorry it wasn't really serious. It's only in the same way it is sung in the Christmas Carols, Santa knows who has been good or bad. So the kids are told that if they have been bad they get de 'roe' which is like a physical punishment from the olden days, or are being taken along in the same bag the presents are brought in, to Spain for some appropriate punishment that is however never made concrete.. :-)) Obviously this is all part of the whole package and never executed.

Los adultes en las oficinas suelen tirarse una billete sobre lo que se han escrito todos los apellidos, y se debe hacer un 'surprise' (sorpresa) por la persona cuyo apellido se ha tirado (you have to make a surprise for the person whose name your drew -we call this magic santa.
Oh interesting, I never knew you did this in the USA also? :-)

Thanx again poli!

If anyone else has any other general advice or tips I would always welcome them too, by the way! :-)
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