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Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
I wonder if it would be a good idea to make a new sticky thread (or a vocabulary by theme thread?) looking at the changes in meaning that can happen when exchanging ser vs. estar + an adjective or participle. Let me give a few of the examples that I have run across for a start:

ser aburrido = to be boring
estar aburrido = to be bored
Spanish : El es aburridor (boring) means usual characteristic
El está aburrido : temporary characteristic


ser callado = to be soft-spoken
estar callado = to be silent

ser callado = quiet, tight lipped (habla poco)
estar callado= silent (silencio)

ser interesado = to be self-serving
estar interesado = to be interested
El es interesado = profit seeking
El está interesado=concerned, bother for
ser loco = to be mad, upset
estar loco = to be scatterbrained
El es loco his usual characteristic= he is insane, crazy
El está loco= temporary characteristic= he is being crazy
ser rico = to be rich
estar rico = to be delicious
El es rico = he is rich ( usual characteristic
El está rico= temporary situation at the moment, he is being rich
Rico could be an adjective about rich and also about an ice-cream está rico.

The linking verbs in Spanish ser, estar, parecer convey with ser a durative sense and with estar transitory effect as a general rule :
He is foolish and he is being foolish.

Originally Posted by El Gato View Post
Are there meaning changes with all emotions if you use ser instead of estar?

Estar feliz
Ser feliz

He is happy usual characteristic
he is being happy now, at the moment
Estar enojado he is angry at the moment
Ser enojado we say in colombia es un cascarrabias (grouch) we don't use es enojado.

Estar triste he is sad at the moment, now, state

Ser triste he is a sad person his usual character.

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