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Originally Posted by fglorca View Post
I’m looking forward to (seeing) the movie:
  1. Tengo ganas de ver la peli.
  2. Estoy deseando ver la peli.
  3. Me haría hace mucha ilusión ver la peli.
  4. Me daría mucha ilusión ver la peli.
  5. Ansío ver la peli.
  6. Anhielo ver la peli.
  7. Cuento los días que faltan para ver la peli.
  8. No puedo esperar para ver la peli.
Are these translations above correct?

Many thanks.
Yes and no. They are all around the meaning of the English expression. 5 to 8 are more intense. 2 to 4 are more emotional.

I would say 1 is the best "translation" although the most different. Just because both languages express the same state of mind in different ways.

PS: You forgot 9. Me muero por ver la película -then "5 to 9"-(Spanish speakers created it way before the age of Twitter -where so many English speakers are prone to "die dead" nowadays-)
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