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Originally Posted by aleCcowaN View Post
Yes, it's certainly me . It certainly should come from not following Teddy Roosevelt teachings.
Not sure what you are talking about, but, since you mentioned you are trying to get the Italian citizenship, and here I am assuming, I take it you have an Italian surname.

Not sure, but most likely your family has already been in Argentina for some generation(s), so you were born in Argentina, and your ancestors were Italian.

I bet some people in Argentina, friends and others would call you "tano" (Italian) even though you were born in Argentina.

Well, are you Italian or are you Argentinian? You cannot be both.

Now, the people that call you "tano", are they being mean or racist in anyway? They at any moment call you "tano" in anger, are they being racists or just angry at you?

Originally Posted by poli View Post
Italy isn't good either Alec, but at least they got rid of Il Cavaliere. In English we often say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. From what I've seen, Argentina has a good standard of living.

I'm sure I've written something similar to this before but most natives of the USA do not refer to themselves as Americans because of Teddy Roosevelt's or Monroe's expansionist visions, but because of a lack of a good easy way of saying it any other way. There is no term United Statesians. As of yet we have little other choice. When US citizens call themselves Americans, it may sound jingoistic(although some are) to the rest of America, but it's used mainly because of a lack of a better term. Of course in Spanish you may say estado unidense, but that sounds very clunky to me too. I use it nevertheless.
When you say the rest of America, you're talking about the continent, clearly.

Estado unidense, is indeed clunky, moreover, it is wrong because Mexican could be called estado unidenses too, since there is that "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" in the name of their country.

Norteamericano isn't a choice either, since Canada and Mexico co-exist with America, in America (the continent)

OK, I'll lay it off now.
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