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Originally Posted by Luna Azul View Post
"Gustar" means "to like"

"to please" is "placer"

There's a difference between "please" and "like" in English and in Spanish also.

"Placer" is used with the same construction as "gustar": "Me place". The meaning is similar but not exactly the same.

We don't say things like "Esta casa me place", for example. It sounds weird. In that sentence we use "gustar".

"placer" is normally used with concepts, not objects: "me place estar aquí", "nos place mucho que hayas venido".

The only reason why "to please" is used when teaching "gustar" is that it makes it easier to understand since the construction in English for "please" is closer to Spanish than the construction for "like".

It's a useful tool for teachers to explain the verb. That's all.

Wouldn't you use complacer to please? Or is this a different type of please?

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