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Originally Posted by poli View Post
It is a false belief that Spanish is easier than other languages to learn. Anyone who has had to study the differences between the two verbs to be, pronouns, irregular verbs, the preterit and imperfect past, the subjunctive, etc. will tell you why it's not very easy.

It is true that Spanish is commonly spoken in the U.S., which facilitates the practical use of the language. For instance it would be less likely for someone from the United States to have daily contact with French speakers than with Spanish speakers.
There are languages easier than Spanish, such as Swedish, but Spanish is on the easier side of the spectrum for English natives. Many other languages have 3 genders, noun/pronoun/adjective declension, difficult pronunciation, and fewer cognates with English along with complicated verbs. In Hungarian, verbs even conjugate differently if they have an object or not.
All languages have their difficult parts and easy parts, but Spanish is overall an easier language.