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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
That is the list most commonly posted on the internet, but don't forget that there are verbs built on these basic verbs (using prefixes) that are also irregular. Here's a partial list:
sobresalir, contradecir, mantener, deshacer, suponer, prevaler, sobrevenir, malquerer and resaber

Note that there are a few verbs that end in -decir that are not irregular in the future tense:
maldecir, bendecir and predecir

Note that the -acer ending of satisfacer is conjugated like the -acer ending of hacer, but yacer is not irregular in the future tense.
Ser - to be
Estar - to be
Tener - to have
Haber - to have
Hacer - to do, to make
Ir - to go
Dar - to give
Coger - to take
Traer - to bring
Poner - to put
Poder - to be able to (can)
Querer - to want
Ver - to see
Decir - to say
Venir - to come

Are there any more verbs irregular in the present tense?

Do you know where I can find a list of the ireegular verbs in all of the tenses?

Thanks Rusty. ☺

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