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Yesterday I watched (again) the tv documentary about the Maya calendar, apparently Dec 21st is the end of the fifth Maya epoch - not the fourth as I indicated earlier.

It seems they believed their (totally accurate) celestial calendar indicated five doubled periods of 2,500 years - i.e. 25,000 years. They believed each five thousand years ended in a catastrophe.

The first incarnation was Earth and animal life, the second men of clay - basically rubbish! The third were men of wood (lacking emotion); the fourth men of corn who didn't worship their deity; and the fifth incarnation is us. So, presumably if we're satisfactory we may survive, and if not then... well we'll have to see with the dawning of Dec. 22nd I suppose!

I have to say that we shall be making the customary pre-Christmas arrangements, so you can make of that what you will!
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