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Originally Posted by AngelicaDeAlquezar View Post
In Mexico, mostly in the North, obviously influenced by the USA expression, many people say "un limón" for a used old car that won't actually work.
We don't really have a word equivalent to "batata", but we use a lot "porquería" or "mugre" for something we bought expecting a performance that is far better than the one we get.
- El carro me salió una porquería. Me deja tirada en la calle a cada rato.
- Este teléfono es una mugre. La batería no le dura nada.

@Poli: "Mosquita muerta" is only used for people, because they have an intention to deceive. Objects do not have this intention.
OK. Entonces lo pintado es la teoría y lo vivo es la práctica.
Things aren't always as they present themselves to be. Is that right? I'm sorry I'm obtuse about this.
Me ayuda si corrige mis errores. Gracias.
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