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Poner means to wear, to put clothes on, as in "me pongo un abrigo".

Llevar puesto is used to describe the garments a person is wearing at some time. Take it as a set phrase, because it matches a common Spanish verbal periphrasis.

Tener puesto is one case of the Spanish verbal periphrasis "tener + participio" which describes the result of a previous action: "me pongo un abrigo" therefore "tengo puesto un abrigo". Other examples are "tengo hecha la tarea" or "tengo preparado el discurso".

Llevar puesto may also be an example of the verbal periphrasis "llevar + participio", very similar to the previous one, with the difference the action is not completed yet: "llevo puestos la mitad de los adornos en el árbol de Navidad" ("[so far] I've already placed half of the decoration on the Christmas three")

Regarding clothes, llevar puesto is not an example of that verbal periphrasis but an independent case.
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