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*desde (since)

*frustrado (but i think in the context it'd be 'pero consigue frustrado) and you can cut out the 'estoy'

just keep at it and be brave; you can do it

ask for more specific advice if you choose. I will probably be on here a lot more in the near future.

- B.A. in Spanish without a ton of immersion -

in the final sentence of your Spanish should be saying 'tengo problemas con escuchar y hablar' not 'escuchando....hablando...'

i believe it's what called a 'false cognate' o 'cognato falso' when we directly translate from English without accounting for the rules of Spanish language. You will find this is the case in many situations and therefore is a very important lesson to focus on.

Again, let me know if these replies are being read.

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