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Originally Posted by Jane View Post
David, I´m still waiting to hear about some of your favourite Mexican food.
And the rest of the members too, pleaseeeeeee, Let´s talk about the different spanish food!
That´s right. I saw your post but I forgot about it.

One thing I really like are the chiles rellenos. You take a large chile poblano which is about the size of a bell pepper and not spicy at all. You slice it open on one side and you remove the seeds and viens. There are different kinds of fillings, one I like is ground beef with different sweet fruits and nuts and cheese. The chile is filled with this mixture, then it's dunked in milk and breaded with flour and deep fat fried. (The filling is cooked previously and still hot.)

Of course there are other types of chile relleno like the ones that only have cheese inside, but they aren't as good.
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