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I am confused about the word nada.

Rosetta Stone is telling me that nada means swim. "nada como un pez" | "she swims like a fish."

When I look in the dictionary it tells me that nada means nothing.

I went to Google Translator and entered "nada como un pez" and it says "nothing like a fish". When I enter "nadar como un pez", it says "swim like a fish."

Another dictionary also makes "nada como un pez" | "she swims like a fish".

I'm getting different answers no matter where I look, and some are randomly adding she/female into it.

Maybe nada can mean swim or nothing, depending on how its used, but the dictionary doesn't show that. It says nada is nothing and nadar is swim.

However, under the dictionary's definition of nadar it says:

"nadar (swim) Example: nada como un pez" ... So it makes no sense to me. Why it lists nadar as swim, but then uses nada (nothing) in the example usage of nadar.
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