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As with all areas of the world, the people who settle each region (and sometimes each village) have a particular way of speaking. Without outside influence, the people of a particular area will adapt their language to the circumstances they live in. Conversely, if contact with a neigboring people is frequent, the two groups tend to use a common language. If regions of people are isolated (separated by vast mountain ranges, for example), there is less of a need to maintain a working relationship with the 'neighbor' and the two languages diverge.

If you think Italy is bad, check out how many languages are spoken in India. Most Indians speak at least three languages (not counting English, which many know as a fourth language).

Edit: The classification of 'Romance language' doesn't have anything to do with the English word 'romance'. All these languages stem from Latin, the language of the Romans. That is where the word comes from. That is also where 'Romanic languages' comes from, in case you didn't know them by that name.

By the way, I think Spanish is a romantic language, using the English sense of that word.

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