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The direct object in your first sentence is 'a papá' (the preposition 'a' is necessary when the direct object is a person).
It is OK to add a direct object pronoun to your sentence (it is redundant, because the direct object itself is present, but many people will use a redundant object pronoun).

The direct object pronoun for a male is 'lo'.
However, in some parts of the world, the indirect object pronoun 'le' is used instead. This is how they speak in some parts of the world, and the academy of the Spanish language accepts this usage (calling it leísmo). If you're in an area where leísmo is common, it's OK to substitute 'le'. Otherwise, you would use the direct object pronoun 'lo' (if a redundant object pronoun is desired).

Use the direct object pronoun 'la' if the direct object is a female.
In areas where leísmo is common, the people will most likely say 'la' in this case.

I first explained how using an indirect object pronoun would be improper, since there is no indirect object, but it is perfectly OK to use it in some parts of the world.
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