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Welcome to the forums.

I've included corrections and alternate wording below.
Originally Posted by Diego316 View Post
Hello. I would like that someone to correct me. As a way of practicing English, I'm translating some short and random texts from electronic newspapers. I appreciate all the corrections and advice. Thank you.

They refused to vaccinate their newborn son and the judge obligated them: "Its consequences affect third parties", says the verdict.
Under the argument of supposed side effects to the baby's health, that included the "danger of sudden death", the couple was opposed to the vaccination against [s]the[/] Hepatitis B and the tuberculosis for the minor. It was debated/argued/labeled as "the compulsive vaccination of the baby".
(Source: infobae)
I wasn't able to compare what you wrote with the source, so had to guess at a few things (in purple).
If you provide the source text, it would make things more easy.
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