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Short text from Clarín

I appreciate all the corrections and advice. Thank you.

DeepMind, unstoppable. The Google's artificial intelligence defeated two champions of videogames for the first time.
The AlphaStar program accumulated an experience of more than 200 years of real game, reached in just 14 days.
The artificial intelligence tool developed by the DeepMind company, subsidiary of Google, was able to defeat two champions of electronic sports (eSports) for the first time, after learning to play by its own way the strategy videogame StarCraft II.

(Source: Clarín. Original:
DeepMind, imparable
La inteligencia artificial de Google derrotó por primera vez a dos campeones de videojuegos.
El programa AlphaStar acumuló una experiencia de más de 200 años de juego real, alcanzada en tan solo 14 días.
La herramienta de inteligencia artificial desarrollada por la compañía DeepMind, subsidiaria de Google, logró derrotar por primera vez a dos campeones de deportes electrónicos (eSports), tras aprender a jugar por sus propios medios al videojuego de estrategia StarCraft II.)
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