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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
sic the dog on someone

The first spelling is recommended, but both are seen. The verb sic means "command to chase or attack, especially as a command to a dog." We also use "They sicced their lawyers on the guy who ran over their prize roses," and "I'm going to sic the police on my neighbor who's growing marijuana."
Thanks to your explanation now I fully understand this dialogue from the movie Beauty Shop (2005)

Gina (played by Queen Latifah)- How you doing, girl?
Terry (played by Andie MacDowell)- I'm terrific, now that Steven and I split up.
G - You all right?
T- Fine. Y'all knew he was cheating on me. Now I know, and now I'm free.
G- Good for you. Hey, lda, hook Terri up.
T - Oh, good. Hi.
Ida (played by Sherry Shepherd, from Trial & Error)- Come on, you want me to sic my cousin Travis on him? He just got out the pen but he don't mind goin' back early.
T - I just might take you up on that.
I - OK, sit down.
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